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Blog post - 23 August 2021

What the Mama is built from a team of mums who’ve been there, done that & know exactly what you’re going through. We have firsthand experience in how overwhelming becoming a mum is… it’s um, kind of a huge friggin’ deal!

We’re the legging-wearing, spew-covered, nappy-changing, top knot hair-ing, absolutely exhausted mum support community you never knew you had!

Because sometimes it takes a friggin’ village.

Hello, Mama! You’ve stumbled upon our wonderful blog for any/a few of the following reasons…

  1. You’re a new mum – in that case, CONGRATS!
  2. You’re an existing mum – in that case, HI MAMA!
  3. You’re just about to be a mum – in that case, WOOHOO!
  4. You’re a cool, kind, awesome, amazing woman who loves a community, a bit of Lols & you’re just here for a straight-up good time – in that case, WE’RE GLAD TO HAVE YA!

Welcome to the What the Mama Blog. This is where we deep-dive into topics for our community, whether they are our thoughts, a spot of advice or an incredible guest post from one of our amazing vendors!

Think: a fun, light-hearted, no frills & no bull blog made for mums, by mums, with all the details we know (from experience) mums want & need!

A little bit about us & our Village…

We were tired that the ‘norm’ for new motherhood was overwhelm, lack of support & uncertainty with a side of exhaustion & tears. 

New motherhood can feel like you’re throwing yourself from a plane at 30,000 feet – without a parachute! Terrifying, but also an adrenaline rush & you might just pee your pants! Know what we mean?

But you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, you shouldn’t! Think of us as your parachute, the kind, caring, there at the click of a button kind of parachute. The one that puts you first & gives you the support that you so deserve.

When motherhood has you crying out, “What the $#*!” we’ve got you!

We’re here to offer you the time & space to focus on being the mum you want to be. 

From specialist postnatal services, lifestyle services & practical, hands on help where and when you need it most. We’re here for you, every step of the way. 

What the Mama is your parachute; we stop you from free falling so you can slow down & savour that vast, magical, new view in front of you. Because it really is beautiful, isn’t it?

Whether you’re a new, an existing, an almost or a not-even mum, we’re so glad you stopped by. Subscribe to ensure you can hang with us once a fortnight (that’s all, we aren’t into the spammy email situations!!) & you don’t miss a second of the value heading your way!

Looking forward to being a part of your journey, Mama! It truly is a wonderful experience that we cannot wait to share.

Love and hot coffee,

Team WTM

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