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Need a question answered but can’t find it here? Send us an email at and we’ll answer it quick-smart! Helping mums is our jam, so no question goes unanswered, dear mama.

How does it work?

It’s waaaaay easier than childbirth, that’s for sure! Just choose the vendor you need, pick the service you want, book a time and date and done! Your postnatal angel will be at your door, ready to help and not even the tiniest bit phased that you haven’t washed your hair for aaaaages. And if you’ve booked a hairdresser, they’ll probably even wash your grotty locks for you. How good is that?! Gotta love a scalp massage…

Are the vendors legit?

Absolutely. It’s a non-negotiable and we’ve checked! All the vendors are fully legit – aka certified – in their respective fields with all legally required  accreditations and insurances. Many of our vendors also have additional safeguards like police checks, Working with Vulnerable People cards and first aid qualifications. Each vendor will list details of their respective accreditations and certifications on their listing.

How can I pay?

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Gift Cards, and newborn head sniffs* (*Jokes! We could never put a price on those.  Aww…!)

Can I talk to a vendor before I book?

Yes! We have a dedicated chat within the marketplace where you can ask a vendor  any questions and keep in touch.

What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

No problem! We get it because #newmumlife, amiright? Just chat to your awesome vendor and you can work out a new date for your service. We roll with change. It’s a constant with a baby!

Do I need to clean up my house for a vendor to visit?

Absolutely positively not! You can actually get a vendor  to clean up your house for you (if it’s a service they provide of course!). As long as it’s not a literal hazard site (i.e. unsafe for your vendor to enter) our vendors are here to help – and never judge!

Can I book in a vendor regularly/weekly/fortnightly etc.?

​Absolutely! Just note you have to make individual appointments with each booking, as recurring appointments aren’t available in our system. How good is it that you found someone you love so much!? #goals

Do I need my own exercise equipment if I want to have a postnatal trainer work with me?

More often than not, our trainers will bring their own equipment, so you don’t need to worry. But the best plan is to chat with your trainer after  you book with them, so you know exactly what’s available. Now get ready for those sweet, sweaty endorphins to kick in!

Can meal preparation vendors pick up groceries, too? Or do I have to have everything available when they arrive?

It totally depends on the vendor and what services they offer. Some will do the shopping, prep the food and even freeze meals for future! However, some vendors may cook a meal, as part of a larger doula service for example, where they’re also doing massage, light cleaning and will prep a quick meal for mama and family with what’s in the kitchen. Talk about a Village Goddess! If you need clarity, just discuss with the vendor. They’re all amazing and happy to chat!

How do I contact What the Mama?

Hit us up at and we’ll get back to you asap. We hear your call and we’re ready to answer!

If I sneakily feed my husband lactation cookies will he be able to breastfeed?

We wish! Those dang useless man-nipples. Eat all the cookies yourself and make him change ALL. THE. NAPPIES.

I've been feeling depressed and don't know how to manage it. Do you have mental health professionals I can talk to?

In time, we will have counsellors as part of our services. But if you’re feeling depressed and not like yourself, please reach out to someone. You’re not alone and you deserve support. Below are a few helplines:

PANDA: 1300 726 306,

BEYOND BLUE: 1300 224 636


Can my spouse get in on the in-home services like massages and haircuts, too?

For sure! Make it a family affair! Just be sure to book in appointments for each member. How about household haircuts?  Make it a production line in the backyard with all the kids!

I wanna help Mamas and list my services! Where do I sign up?

Y-E-S! What the Mama Village is a party that everyone is invited to, so come on over! It’s easy, quick and free to list so send us an email at and you’ll be helping new mums faster than you can say, What the?! Mama! 😉

Not happy, Jan?

If you have any issues, please chat to your vendor directly in the first instance.

If you feel as though the service provided wasn’t what you paid for, then we’ll happily discuss via our dispute process. We are all about that happy mum, happy mum life here so just contact us at .