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Hey there. I’m Kait, a young women wildly passionate about all things birth & postpartum. I love devouring a good book, wandering through local farmers markets, cooking up meals in the kitchen, eating great food, and getting outdoors as much as possible to hike, walk, rock climb, swim and surf.

I’m a fully qualified Birth Doula through DONA International, and a Postpartum Doula through Newborn Mothers. I studied a Bachelors degree in Business, and continued on in post-graduate studies to become a Holistic Nutritional Practitioner in Canada. I’m in the middle of a program studying Women’s Herbal Medicine (with Dr. Aviva Romm) and have also expanded my studies in bodywork through learning the gentle practice of Craniosacral Therapy.

It takes a village to raise a child, and just the same, to support a mother. I truly believe that this postpartum period is a time of immense transformation, growth and expansion. With that, comes challenge, hardship and exhaustion. Like all good things, postpartum requires some gentle planning and thought in order to set a strong foundation for motherhood.

As a postpartum doula, I specialise in supporting mamas in this new phase of their life. With a newborn baby, also comes a newborn mother! You are so important. You are your babies lifeline and support, so why shouldn’t you feel fully supported too?!

I provide a range of services and options for new mothers to feel supported, seen, acknowledged and loved up during this time.

I offer a range of packages which include me coming into your home to help you in any way you need help. This is completely customisable to your & your families current needs and wishes.

An example of what a postpartum doula may support you with is:

  • assisting in some pre-baby planning for your postpartum phase to uncover fears, tackle potential challenges, help you create your village of people and resources so you feel fully supported, helping you set up a meal train with friends & family, or online grocery shopping for ease of mind.
  • getting your home ready for baby – including light housekeeping, cooking & freezing nutritious meals, and some mama massage and gentle touch.
  • once baby arrives, a postpartum doula may help with: just being there to help a new mama out, whatever they need!
    • Running errands or grocery shopping, light meal prepping, light housework such as running the dishwasher, getting some laundry going, watering the plants, all the things you are forgetting!
    • Providing you with resources so you feel supported, identifying challenges you’re having and referring you to other professionals if needed, running a warm bath, caring for baby while you shower/nap/go for a walk/take a breather!
    • Breastfeeding support, baby care support, watching siblings while you care for baby… the list is endless!

I offer face-to-face session in the comfort of your home in the Illawarra region + Sydney area.

I am located in Thirroul, and can travel North to Sydney and South to Gerringong/Gerroa area.

I offer virtual sessions for Postpartum Planning.


  • One-on-One Postpartum Planning Session - 2 hrs

    A one-on-one in-depth discussion to help you flow into motherhood with the support you need. You can’t plan for parenthood, but you can go in prepared and with a strong foundation. A two-hour deep dive into your postpartum phase. It’s likely you’ve planned for your labour, but have you planned for the time after, when you bring home this little baby that changes your life? We’ll discuss how you’d like your postpartum time to feel, realistic expectations (babies don’t love schedules either), setting up your nesting space, building your support village around you, asking for help and receiving it, boosting oxytocin in the first few weeks, supporting your magic changing brain, self-care practices, and nutritional aspects to support recovery and healing.This conversation is guided by you and your questions, but I come prepared with an abundance of information and a template for you to fill in and save.

    $ 175.00
  • Mothering the Mother Package - initial consult 15 mins

    • 2-hour postpartum support planning session, virtual or in-person, with a Postpartum Planning Workbook to fill-in.
    • 8 x in-home postpartum doula visits catering to your needs (3-hour visits) - a total of 24 full hours of care.
    • One week of medicinal postpartum meals delivered to your home — nutritious, sustainably sourced, and intentionally created for the new mother.
    • Postpartum herbs from Blissful Herbs including herbal tea & herbal balm.
    • Herbal Sesame oil for massage.
    • Baby massage tutorial and video.
    • Self massage tutorial and video.
    • Belly binding (if you wish).
    • Postpartum Recipe e-book.
    • Postpartum Care e-book.
    • Exclusive 20% discount code for Midwifery Minded Postnatal & the newborn e-book.
    • Guided meditation on igniting intuition.
    • Weekly phone check-ins for 6-weeks to discuss challenges, triumphs or just have a chat.
    • Unbiased, judgement-free, compassionate love and support during this time. This is a full package to allow you to rest, recover and be cared for in your postpartum phase.

    $ 2,199.00
  • Lending a Hand Package - initial consult 15 mins

    • 6 x in-home postpartum doula visits for 3-hours each visit - a lovely 18-hours of in-home care.
    • Postpartum snack pack full of homemade nutrient-dense, delicious snacks for mama.
    • Nipple balm from Blissful Herbs.
    • Herbal sesame oil for massage.
    • Baby massage tutorial and video.
    • Self massage tutorial and video.
    • Belly binding (if you wish).
    • Meditation audio on igniting your intuition.
    • Postpartum Recipe e-book.
    • Postpartum Care e-book.
    • Printable Postpartum Support Plan template to fill in.
    • Exclusive 20% discount code for Midwifery Minded Postnatal & the newborn e-book.
    • Weekly phone check-in for 6-weeks.

    $ 1,499.00


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One-on-One Postpartum Planning Session - 2 hrs - June 2022